Changelog May 24, 2018 by Egor Vakuliak

Redactor plugin 2.0.0

Yoo-hoo, our File Uploader 2.0.0 for Imperavi Redactor is out and now supports Redactor v3 and Uploadcare Widget v3.

File Uploader helps you insert any media into Redactor WYSIWYGs, stores it in the cloud, and delivers content to 220k nodes in 130+ countries. You also get our Image Processing feature controlled by URL directives.

Switching the plugin to the widget v3 brings:

  • New design.
  • Longer term support.
  • More features and future updates.
  • More locales out of the box.

If you are currently using the previous widget-v2-based plugin with a customized dialog window, you will need to check out the v2-v3 migration guide to update.


  • Redactor 3 support; File Uploader now works with both v2 and v3.


  • The default widget version for File Uploader is now 3.x.
  • Added integration to the default widget config to provide info on used Redactor and plugin versions to User Agent with requests to Uploadcare Upload API.

Issues and PRs are welcome. The full uploadcare-redactor changelog can be found here.

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