Changelog December 19, 2018 by Egor Vakuliak

Unsharp Masking

We updated our Image Transformations with a new operation, Unsharp Masking.

Original image. 16Kb

/blur/100/-50/ 19Kb

/blur/100/-120/ 22Kb

Unsharp Masking can be used for enhancing images by improving their sharpness. The effect is also called “Local Contrast Enhancement.” Here’s how the syntax goes:


Technically, we did not introduce a separate operation for Unsharp Masking. Instead, we added the :amount parameter to the blur transformation. Negative :amount combined with reasonably high blur :strength provides the Unsharp Masking behavior.

See how improving local contrast looks like in our docs or read more about Unsharp Masking in this Wikipedia article.

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