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We’re All in the Same Boat: Uploadcare Halves Prices for SMBs During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As health workers across the world continue their heroic efforts to stop SARS-CoV-2 and save lives, businesses are suffering closures, declining revenues, and overall economic volatility. The COVID-19 pandemic has been especially harsh on small and medium-sized enterprises, to which many of our clients belong.

At Uploadcare, we look after our clients. We know that many of you are currently working hard to make ends meet. Therefore, we are introducing a special discount: Uploadcare for small businesses. Beginning today, we are giving you free access to our maximum plan for 3 months, or at a 50% discount for 6 months. We are all in the same boat, and we want to help you. Apply now or read on to learn more.

Get Free Access to Uploadcare Maximum Plan for 3 Months

Small Businesses at Risk

We’ve spent the last few days going through emails from our clients whose businesses have been affected by the virus. Some of our clients are asking to change their payment plans or temporarily freeze their accounts. For example, one of our clients (let’s call him Carlos), the co-founder of a travel startup that has been working with us since 2015, reached out to ask for help. The travel industry has suffered the hardest hit, so Carlos and his colleagues are desperately trying to keep going amid the accelerating crisis.

Like Carlos and his company, many of our clients are small businesses: customer reporting services, apps for finding makeup artists in one’s local community, or for transforming one’s business into a digital enterprise. Every day, they are working hard to create value for their customers.

With the COVID-19 pandemic now raging, these firms need as much flexibility as possible to remain afloat and to be dependable employers for the people working for them. Yet, unlike giant corporations with large reserves of liquid assets, for small- and medium-sized businesses, this is easier said than done. More than ever before, they need reliable and flexible online solutions to cope with the crisis and improve web performance.

Challenges of Migrating Online

Online businesses face two major challenges during the pandemic:

  • Massive spikes in traffic due to the increases in the number of active Internet users, creating a risk of service interruption;
  • Decreasing or unstable conversion rates due to the rising number of newcomers moving online (that is, people who don’t have the habit of shopping and working online).

In addition to these two factors, we can already anticipate some of the more remote effects of the current crisis — namely, the pendulum swinging back from online to offline. As governments gradually ease lockdown policies and allow more and more freedom of movement, people will tend to spend less of their time online, causing the traffic to go down.

Traffic Volatility, Newcomers, and Online Fatigue

Massive surges in traffic can be disastrous for any business, irrespective of the size, and their impact will only be exacerbated during the pandemic. As people move increasingly larger portions of their daily life online, they will be getting less and less tolerant of a poor user experience. We get annoyed over page-load times even in normal conditions, but a frozen webpage will cost a lot more mental energy when people spend most of their day online.

With the advent of “online newcomers,” the quality of experience has become even more important. These people used to conduct most of their transactions offline and are just starting to explore web-based commerce. Capturing their interest early and converting it into loyalty can be a huge competitive advantage later on, so it is vital to be able to provide maximum value to these people.

Acquiring new customers now is also very important because of the effects the pandemic is likely to have on people’s behavior. “Online fatigue” means that as governments gradually ease restrictions on movement and contact, people will migrate back offline, pushing the traffic down. This effect is likely to be more than a temporary phenomenon. While locked down in self-quarantine, people are learning to value personal interaction more, which will shift their preferences towards offline in the long term.

Uploadcare for Small- and Medium-Sized Enterprises

To cope with these challenges, we suggest the following steps towards improving your web performance:

  • Consider using a fail-safe setup that combines multiple CDN and computing infrastructure solutions;
  • Consider using DDoS protection to ensure your uptime and reliability;
  • Build or improve your Media Service to produce content that complies with Google PageSpeed and PWA requirements within different user sessions;
  • Make sure to use origin and storage services covered by an enterprise-grade SLA;

At Uploadcare, we use the most reliable and flexible CDN technology to mitigate these challenges in a fast and secure manner. Uploadcare relies on Adaptive Delivery technology, which adjusts image and video content to the particular user context, helping image- and video-intensive media work smoothly even when the connection fails. With Uploadcare, you can streamline the customer experience and grow conversion rates even during these difficult times. 

Today we are making Uploadcare available to businesses and developers worldwide at half the usual price for the next 6 months, or free of charge for the next 3 months. Afterwards, we will evaluate the outcomes and the environment to see whether this policy will be extended further. We are also able to consider customized on-demand discounts for selected businesses. Apply now or ask for a personalized discount. We are here to support you — because ultimately, we are in this together.

Use Uploadcare for Free During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The current pandemic is a challenge for all of us. Meanwhile, we are here to support you by offering our services for free or at a discounted price during the COVID-19 crisis. Together, we’ll get through this and grow stronger as businesses, and as a community.

Get Free Access to Uploadcare during the COVID-19 Pandemic

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