Changelog April 28, 2018 by Egor Vakuliak

Widget 2.11.0

We continue supporting the v2 of Uploadcare Widget. We will mostly be releasing patches with bug fixes.

The new version comes with the following updates:


  • Preview: the widget no longer generates an image preview if previewStep is disabled.
  • Camera Tab: now, if your device and browser support the capture attribute of the input[type=file] element, we show buttons providing direct access to the camera instead of providing a video stream.
  • Camera: webcam stream and taking photos now work in Safari 11.
  • XHR requests: added responseType to XHR requests
    to prevent Firefox from parsing responses as XML.
  • Automatic crop: now, if multi-upload is enabled and a crop option is specified, cropping is automatically applied to the file uploaded last.
  • Drag&drop fix: the .uploadcare-dragging class was not removed from the body when finished dragging.
  • UPLOADCARE_LIVE behavior: when set to true, which is a default, new [role=uploadcare-uploader] elements on your page are initialized as widgets every ~100 ms which may cause devtools blinking. See issues #277, #281, #366, #384, #411 for details. This widget version 2.11.0 fixes the behavior.


  • New widget option, integration: is used to hold info about a framework or plugin through which the widget was installed.


  • The default limit for the multipleMax option is now set to 1000 files, see docs for details.
  • Upload API requests: added the X-UC-User-Agent header holding info on widget version, public key, framework, and plugin.

We strongly advise updating to 2.11.0 or going all the way up to v3, see migration guide.

To install the latest v2:

npm install uploadcare-widget@2
<script src="" charset="utf-8"></script>

Widget v2 in action. Full widget changelog is here. Source code of the widget v2 on github.

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