Changelog March 14, 2016 by Egor Vakuliak

Widget 2.8.0. Video capture

Now your users can capture video right from the camera tab if a browser is capable (Firefox and latest Google Chrome at the moment).

We’ve switched from YUI Compressor to UglifyJS and CSSO. The size of minified library is reduced by 15%, gzipped size by 8%.

CommonJS compatibility added. This allows you to use the widget in NodeJS, Browserify and Webpack environments.

New library builds were added (in addition to uploadcare and uploadcare.all):

  • uploadcare.api xe2x80x94xc2xa0without jQuery and UI. Only upload API client.
  • uploadcare.lang.en xe2x80x94 stripped localization to reduce the size, only English is included.
  • uploadcare.ie8 xe2x80x94xc2xa0with jQuery 1.12.1 (IE8 does not work with jQuery 2+).

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here

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