Changelog October 30, 2017 by Egor Vakuliak

Widget 3.2.0

This update deals with the UPLOADCARE_LIVE behavior when set to true, which is a default. By default, new [role=uploadcare-uploader] elements on your page are initialized as widgets every ~100 ms which may cause devtools blinking. See issues #277, #281, #366, #384, #411 for details. This widget version 3.2.0 fixes the behavior.

Also in the release:

  • Added the .uploadcare--panel__powered_by block inside .uploadcare--panel__content.
  • Fixed bug with iOS 11 menu, see #417.
  • Updated value of the --color-base variable in the config of styles.
  • Updated bundled styles:
    • removed the -webkit prefix for transition,
    • added the prefix in Edge, for ::placeholder of .uploadcare--input.
  • Updated README:
    • changed the Uploadcare logo,
    • added shield with the current version of npm package.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

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