Angular 2+ wrapper 1.0.1

widget, libs June 04, 2018

We updated our Angular 2+ wrapper to the version 1.0.1.


  • Exported the Uploadcare Widget API: you are now free to add directives.
  • A new directive, ngx-uploadcare-widget-custom with no default markup. You can implement the widget with yours.
  • New method, openDialog(), to both directives.
  • New event, on-progress, to both directives.
  • The AUTHORS.txt file to the repo to give credit to those contributing to the project. Yoo-hoo, thanks folks 💛


  • New usage approach: we switched to using a module instead of a component.
  • Updated README with Table of Contents and new sections, “Security issues” and “Feedback”.
  • The widget version in dependencies is now 3.x.
  • Added the integration option to the default widget config to provide info on the Angular and wrapper versions for User Agent with requests to Uploadcare Upload API.

Issues and PRs are welcome. The full ngx-uploadcare-widget changelog can be found here.

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