PHP library 2.2.0, 2.2.1

widget, rest api, integrations May 29, 2018

We just updated our PHP library to 2.2.0 and further to 2.2.1 which is a minor fix with its changes added up to this changelog.

uploadcare-php allows you to implement Uploadcare Widget, Image Processing, and REST API in your PHP code.


  • Users are now allowed to specify their User Agent.
  • User Agent reports library and integration versions used.
  • The data-integration attribute to the widget reporting its version together with the library version used.

Here is a reporting example:

$api = new Uploadcare\Api(UC_PUBLIC_KEY, UC_SECRET_KEY);
$api->setFramework('Wordpress', '4.9.5');
$api->setExtension('PHPUploadcare-Wordpress', '2.6.0');


  • User Agent reporting now uses a new default format.
  • $api->getUserAgent() replaced with $api->getUserAgentHeader().


  • (2.2.1) $api->getUserAgent() was deprecated and will be completely removed in the next major version. Replacement: $api->getUserAgentHeader().


  • Updated the $api->getGroupList($options = array()) method.
  • Mistakes in method descriptions.
  • Hitting max throttling attempts when a request was successful.

Check out the uploadcare-php repo on GitHub or look through the full changelog specifically.

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