Widget 3.3.0

widget April 27, 2018

The new version comes with the following updates:


  • Preview: the widget does not generate a preview image if previewStep is off.


  • New locales: Romanian (ro), Slovak (sk), Serbian (sr).
  • New widget option, integration: is used to hold info about a framework or plugin through which the widget was installed.


  • Locales: Swedish (sv) and Polish (pl).
  • The default limit for the multipleMax option is now set to 1000 files, see docs for details.
  • Upload API requests: added the X-UC-User-Agent header holding info on widget version, public key, framework, and plugin.
  • README: added link to the new Angular 2+ wrapper, renewed documentation references, added info on immediately using a custom locale.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

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