Widget 3.4.0

widget May 28, 2018

The new version supports image previews with Authenticated URLs enabled and comes with other updates:


  • New configuration options: previewProxy and previewUrlCallback. Check out our docs for more info.
  • The AUTHORS.txt file to the repo to give credit to those contributing to the project. Yoo-hoo, thanks folks 💛


  • Updated README:
    • New sections: “Security issues” and “Feedback.”
    • References to the widget v2.
    • Table of contents.
  • Updated the package description.


  • A not-working button that removes an item from the file list in a multi-file mode in Edge.
  • Displaying a wrong image when a set of files gets dragged and dropped onto a widget in a single-file mode, issue #443.
  • Video seeking in Chrome, #460.
  • Multipart uploading: no extra headers are now sent.
  • Previewing videos in Safari on iOS, see #463.
  • The this.settings is undefined error when using the loadFileGroup function.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

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