Widget 3.6.2

widget December 14, 2018

The new version comes with the following updates:


  • The default threshold for multipart uploads was dropped from 25 to 10 megabytes. Every file larger than 10 MB will be uploaded in the multipart mode of Uploadcare Upload API.


  • Fixed multipart uploading with the imagesOnly flag set.
  • Validators now run more frequently for each file than before. See #511.
  • Enabled imageSmoothingQuality API for imageShrink in Google Chrome.
  • Fixed file extensions of videos recorded via the camera tab. Those now reflect a video container with fallback to "avi". See #516.
  • Fixed typo and improved grammar in the Dutch (nl) locale. See #504.
  • Fixed working in the strict mode. See #523.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here. Compare widget versions, 3.6.2 with 3.6.1.

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