Signed uploads in your Dashboard

dashboard December 26, 2018

You can now upload files using Signed Uploads right in the "Files" section of your Project Settings.

To get a file to your project via Signed Uploads, we require an extra token sent to Upload API: we enabled our Dashboard to do that.

Make sure you are signed in to your Uploadcare account to check out how this works. You will need to navigate to your Dashboard, pick a Project with enabled Signed Uploads or explicitly enable the option for one.

Enabling Signed Uploads for a Project

Enabling Signed Uploads will affect the behavior of widgets, libs or integrations related to the project you modify. Consider checking out the update in a test environment: create a separate project.

With Signed Uploads enabled, you are now free to use the "Files" section of your project to upload files.

Files section of your Project

Drop us a line in case you have any questions.

Payment history in Account Settings

dashboard June 15, 2018

You can now navigate through the complete history of your payments in Payment history. Make sure you are signed in to your Uploadcare account.

Payment history in your Dashboard

The section provides you with info on each payment date, amount, and status. Payment history also allows you to download any invoice as PDF.

Just drop us a line in case you have any questions.

"Auto-copy" for S3 custom storage

dashboard, upload api, integrations October 19, 2016

We've added the "auto-copy" feature to your custom storage S3 buckets. After it's enabled you no longer have to send explicit requests to our REST API in order to copy uploaded files. You can still use the REST API if you'd like to copy file variants/versions.

The feature is free and is available for all of our clients that use custom storage.

Webhooks and Zapier

dashboard, rest api, integrations May 16, 2016

We've added Webhooks support to Uploadcare, so now you may receive real-time updates about your uploads and build more dynamic and complex applications. You can manage your webhooks via project dashboard or REST API.

The Zapier integration (that uses webhooks behind the scenes) will help you set up workflows that include Dropbox, GMail, Google Spreadsheets, Trello, and hundreds of other awesome services with a few mouse clicks and no code :).

Introducing "Product Changes"

dashboard February 02, 2016

We're adding product changes to our website! We will be announcing changes and additions to our APIs, dashboard, widget and major updates for our libraries and plugins.

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