Deprecating disabled Instagram functionality

widget, javascript api April 24, 2018

We disabled some of the functionality when Instagram is used as a source for media uploads; due to the Instagram deprecating a good number of API endpoints on Apr. 4, 2018.

You will no longer be able to:

  • Choose media from posts you liked
  • Choose media from accounts you follow
  • Choose media from Public Content and sources listed above via search tags

Widget 2.10.2 (hotfix)

widget, javascript api November 29, 2016

We've encountered a bug in Firefox 50 that makes Uploadcare Widget 2.10.1 literally useless with this browser. Luckily, the fix was implemented with the version 2.10.2.

We strongly advise updating to 2.10.2.

Other changes:

  • Instagram icon is updated
  • Tabs visual style is fixed
  • Swedish locale is fixed

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here.

DPI in the image info

upload api, javascript api July 26, 2016

We've added dpi attribute to the file info. It is available in the image_info object in upload API and in the originalImageInfo object in JavaScript API.

We get DPI from format attributes if they exist, otherwise from EXIF XResolution and YResolution tags.