pyuploadcare 2.6.0

python, libs November 29, 2018

We've release a python client library version 2.6.0:


  • Improved error logging.
  • Update bundled widget to version 3.6.1. See widget changelog.


  • FileWidget.render() now works in Django 2.1.
  • Obsolete widget setting data-upload-base-url replaced with data-url-base

pyuploadcare 2.0

python, libs April 01, 2016

We've release a python client library version 2.0:

  • Added support for version 0.5 of REST API.
  • Updated widget to version 2.8.1 (see widget changelog).
  • Added the ucare list_groups command.
  • Removed deprecated entities.

NB: There are backward incompatible changes. For detailed information about the upgrade process see update to version 2.0.

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