SLA Update: Maintenance Window

upload api, rest api, cdn api, storage, javascript api December 28, 2018

We updated our Service Level Agreement (SLA) and added Maintenance Window. The agreement now includes the "Scheduled Maintenance" term.

This means we will not include possible downtimes within scheduled maintenance in our Monthly Uptime Percentage (MUP) calculations.

We will inform you about scheduled maintenance and possible consequential downtimes. In every message regarding scheduled maintenance, we will provide a description of what operations we will perform and which systems may be affected.

Indeed, we strive to minimize possible downtimes at all times.

Multipart uploads for images

widget, upload api September 06, 2018

You can now apply Image Processing operations to images uploaded via Multipart Uploads. This Upload API method uses Distributed Upload Network to get files to your Uploadcare project faster.

Multipart Uploads only handles files larger than 10 MB. We set the limit because uploading files smaller than 10 MB in multipart mode does not provide any significant performance improvement over Direct Uploads.

By default, Uploadcare won't treat files larger than 100 MB as images regardless of the upload method. However, this limit can be adjusted on a per-project basis upon request.

Multipart Uploads for images will also work with Uploadcare Widget since it's an Upload API client. Keep in mind the threshold after which files get uploaded in the multipart mode is controlled via the Multipart Minimum Size option which defaults to 25 MB.

Have fun with larger images and drop us a line in case you have any questions.

Backup procedure change

upload api, rest api, storage March 16, 2017

Since March, we've changed our file backup mechanics. On a daily basis, we used to check your backup bucket and copy all the stored files that were missing. From now on, files only go to your backup once. And that's when they get stored. In the first case, files you've deleted could reappear. Currently, deleted files won't be restored automatically. However, you can always contact us to restore stuff you accidentally deleted.

Since we're no longer listing through your buckets, the number of respective requests lowers: your backup procedure gets much faster and cost effective.

Hi-res images from Instagram

upload api, integrations October 19, 2016

Until quite recently, the largest image we could get from Instagram was 640x640 px in size. From now on we try to get the hi-res (1080x1080 px) images first and fallback to the standard size in case we fail.

Support all regions for S3 buckets

upload api, rest api, storage October 19, 2016

For a good while, there was a limitation on which S3 buckets could be used for backup and as custom storage with Uploadcare. We're happy to announce Uploadcare now supports all the AWS regions (including Frankfurt, Seoul, and Mumbai).

If you're interested in the details, the problem was with AWS signature version 4.

"Auto-copy" for S3 custom storage

dashboard, upload api, integrations October 19, 2016

We've added the "auto-copy" feature to your custom storage S3 buckets. After it's enabled you no longer have to send explicit requests to our REST API in order to copy uploaded files. You can still use the REST API if you'd like to copy file variants/versions.

The feature is free and is available for all of our clients that use custom storage.

DPI in the image info

upload api, javascript api July 26, 2016

We've added dpi attribute to the file info. It is available in the image_info object in upload API and in the originalImageInfo object in JavaScript API.

We get DPI from format attributes if they exist, otherwise from EXIF XResolution and YResolution tags.

Secure Uploads

widget, upload api June 07, 2016

We've added an extra security option to our Upload API, with it you'll have full control of who and when can upload files to your project. The setting is project-wide and requires to have a secure signature generation on your back-end (see example in the docs).

It's natively supported by the widget starting from version 2.9.0.

MIME type in Upload API

upload api February 02, 2016

File info that is available via Upload API is now exposing uploaded file MIME type.

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