How do I downgrade my plan to Free?


It might happen that you need to stop your paid subscription and yet keep your account active. This article will guide you through the procedure of downgrading your pricing plan to Free.

Step 1. Before downgrading.

Before downgrading, make sure your storage size doesn’t exceed 100 MB, which is the maximum allowed storage size for the Free plan. You can check up on this in the billing section of the dashboard.

Otherwise, you won’t be able to downgrade the plan and will get an error. If you store more than 100 MB, you should remove some or all of your files before downgrading.

The quickest way to empty storage is to delete entire projects. To do so, open a project on the dashboard, click settings in the left, click project in the dropdown menu, and then click remove project. We recommend waiting 5-15 minutes before going further since file deletion usually takes some time.

:raising_hand_woman: You might want to backup or download your files before deleting them.

Step 2. Downgrading.

Head over to billing settings and scroll down until you see the upgrade plan section, and then click change under the Free plan.

Alternatively, you can simply remove your card, and your plan will be downgraded automatically. To do so, go to payment settings and click the remove button.

Note that you won’t be allowed to upload non-image files without a card.

If you have cleaned up your storage but still unable to downgrade, contact us via

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