How do I fix "Can't upload" error?

Let’s find the cause of the message. We will give you a list of things to check in order to avoid common mistakes our users make:

  • Free plan requires account verification before uploading non-image files. Images include the following extensions: BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG, PCX, TIFF, TGA, WEBP, MPO. If you are uploading any other file type you will need to attach payment information to your account.

  • Free plan has hard limits on uploads and storage - you can see your remaining upload units and other limits in your dashboard. Once you hit the limit, your uploads are paused for the remainder of usage month.

  • Each of our plans has limits on sizes of the files. Please check that your file is not exceeding the limits.

  • Check if you are able to upload the file using the widget on our main site Were you able to do that? If not, what does it say?

  • Check the “Signed uploads” option – if you are not sure what it is, just disable it.

  • Sometimes it is convenient to upload a file through the URL. Check that URL is correct and the file is publicly available - you should be able to open the URL using “Incognito mode” of your browser.

Getting additional information

Open “Developer tools” (Ctrl + Shift + C for Chrome) in your browser and you will find a tab with network activity. Repeat your file upload and find the line:


click on it and you’ll further see the reason for the disaster:


If you are receiving error messages not covered in this guide you can always check with our support. Your report should be as detailed as possible – your action sequence, information about the file, console messages, any other information that might help us to know more about your setup.