How to delete all of images in a group

I created my content with a multi upload widget.When I delete my content ,I want to delete the group of images associated with content. I have successfully delete indivudual images when I use single upload widget but I can’t delete gruop images.Is there a short way to delete group and all images in it?

url: “"+"b95820d9-bf50-4ca4-8a8e-ce90cf782bf1~2/nth/0/”,
type: “DELETE”,
headers: {
“Accept”: “application/vnd.uploadcare-v0.5+json”,
“Authorization”: “Uploadcare.Simple xxxxxxxxx:xxxxxxxxxxxxx”
success: function(result){

          error: function (result){

@kayalif1 Unfortunately, there’s no way to delete an entire group via a single request. You have to list the files from the group and then remove them one by one or via the batch remove request.

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