How to set up custom CDN CNAME?

Pick a domain name that you want to use (e.g. and let us know of your choice.

We’ll tell you the domain name your CNAME should point to. E.g.:

Add a CNAME record to your DNS zone, e.g.: CNAME

We’ll issue an SSL certificate on our end, so you don’t need to provide your one. Then we’ll set things up on our side. It usually takes 1 - 2 business days. Once everything is set up and DNS changes propagate, you will need to use new URLs with your domain name. Configure your widgets to return proper URLs. E.g.:


Replace hostname in URLs of already uploaded files served by your app. We recommend having an easily configurable setting over hard-coding hostname of your URLs.

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I’ve set up the CNAME on my domain as describe above. Do I need to use a CDN like Akamai, or is the sub-domain all I need to access images on UC now?

Hi @ric,

You don’t need to connect a CDN on your end, this is what we’ll do. You just need to set a proper CNAME record in your DNS zone settings. I’ve sent you all the additional details to your email.

Hi @Alex am I right that this is only available in the starter plan and up?

Hi @GriffinSauce :wave:

Yes, this feature is available on paid plans only.