Tailwind CSS reset causes the background for the main button to be white

Hey guys!

The Tailwind CSS reset causes the default background color for the main CTA button to become white, making the button look weird, and the text unreadable. When you hover the button, the background becomes blue, as expected.

I prepared a public codepen to demo the behaviour:

Hey, thanks for the report. We will look into this.

Hey @proposales,

This is known bug/feature of tailwind’s preflight, see preflight button reset in v3 inconsistent with v2 · Issue #6602 · tailwindlabs/tailwindcss · GitHub

I would suggest to use custom preflight build without background-color: transparent as someone said at comments.

Or you can override button styles after preflight import, like:

.uploadcare--button_primary {
  background: #157cfc;