Traceability of uploaded files

Hi @ all,
in our online shop we want to create DIY-artworks for our costumer.
Therefor they need to upload pictures.
Unfortunately I cannot track the uploaded data with my orders.

Is there anyone with an idea of how to fix my problem?

Many thanks and greetings from Germany,

Hi @christoph.aulenbrock,

Thanks for posting your question!

Can you tell me a bit more about your requirements and clarify what you mean by “tracking the uploaded data”?

Hi @Alex ,
thanks for your answer.
If a costumer orders an artwork he/she has to upload a picture which we personalize. The uploaded file has to stick with the order of the costumer.
Is it possible to combine order and e.g. PayPal-Checkout-form in “webflow” or is there the possibility to determine the filename? Instead of “image.jpg” we say “2020-05-14-15:30-image0001.jpg”?!

I hope this helps with my problem.

Thanks in advance.