Traceability of uploaded files

Hi @ all,
in our online shop we want to create DIY-artworks for our costumer.
Therefor they need to upload pictures.
Unfortunately I cannot track the uploaded data with my orders.

Is there anyone with an idea of how to fix my problem?

Many thanks and greetings from Germany,

Hi @christoph.aulenbrock,

Thanks for posting your question!

Can you tell me a bit more about your requirements and clarify what you mean by “tracking the uploaded data”?

Hi @Alex ,
thanks for your answer.
If a costumer orders an artwork he/she has to upload a picture which we personalize. The uploaded file has to stick with the order of the costumer.
Is it possible to combine order and e.g. PayPal-Checkout-form in “webflow” or is there the possibility to determine the filename? Instead of “image.jpg” we say “2020-05-14-15:30-image0001.jpg”?!

I hope this helps with my problem.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @christoph.aulenbrock

I’m sorry for the radio silence here! I don’t know much about how web stores work in Webflow, but I think the product page should have a form element with some product options (size, quantity, etc.). This form data should be saved in Webflow backend and accessible from an “orders” page of your admin interface. If you add the file uploader within this form, it will act as a form field. This means the file URL returned by the widget will be attached to the form data and available in the “orders” section. Therefore, it should be relatively easy to match an order with the corresponding file by its URL attached to the order. If this doesn’t help, would you be able to share a link to your website so that I can take a closer look at it?