This section contains Uploadcare platform guides. They were made to help you sort out any essential file-related tasks: uploading, storage, delivery, or even in-browser image editing. Also, here is the easiest way to integrate File Uploader and Upload API with your app: streamline your development process by breaking it down in simple steps you complete in minutes.


Implementing Responsive Images

When developing a website, implementing responsive designs means handling responsive images, the ones that can adapt to user devices and browsers. Uploadcare Image Transformations help you prepare a virtually infinite number of image versions to use with Responsive Images.

Make images responsive

Watermarks, Build Cover for Your Images

5 Minutes to Integrate

Quite often we see that some image on the web is protected with watermarks (i.e., logos or symbols applied over it). One way to watermark an image is to use an image processing software in manual or automatic mode. Another way is a near-real-time on-demand image processing — a concept we cultivate within our CDN.

How to add a watermark

Serverless Video and Audio

15 Minutes to Integrate

Uploadcare optimizes your content delivery. The main thing here is delivering your media assets via our CDN. Another thing is optimizing your content. We support video transcoding, GIF to video conversions, and image processing; audio transcoding is on our roadmap.

How to use a CDN

Image Crop for Web and Mobile

9 Minutes to Integrate

Cropping images is a common task and an everyday routine for producing content. We believe image crop should happen right in your browser and be intuitive and simple. This tutorial is about enabling your users to crop images in any browser with Uploadcare, no matter the device or browser they use.

Image cropper for your website

Serverless Image Gallery with CDN Delivery

10 Minutes to Integrate

Fotorama is a simple yet powerful image gallery. It supports any browsers, provides seamless, responsive experience, and lazy loading images. By bringing Uploadcare together, you can get your galleries serverless and powered up with best-in-class CDN delivery.

Serverless and responsive image gallery

Access to Canvas Pixels

It is a great idea to use images from our CDN on HTML canvas. Unfortunately browsers restrict access to canvas if an image was downloaded from untrusted source. By default only images from the same origin are treated as trusted. If you’ll draw the image from other origins, the canvas will be marked as “dirty” and no pixel read will be possible from the canvas.

Access to Canvas Pixels

Uploaded Files Browser

Often you may want to allow user to choose previously uploaded files again. Uploadcare doesn’t store relations between users and files and also doesn’t allow the file uploader to list all files in the project for security reasons.

Uploaded Files Browser

Example apps

Django Serverless Image Uploading

19 Minutes to Integrate

Uploadcare is an end-to-end file API that allows you to fully manage file uploading, storage, transformations, and delivery. All that is included in our Python and Django integrations. In this guide, we will create an app with an Instagram-like grid feed and image uploading.

Django file upload

Serverless File Uploading for JavaScript

14 Minutes to Integrate

By bringing together the Uploadcare end-to-end file handling platform and JavaScript, you will be able to power up any web app with ready-to-use uploading, storage, and in-browser image editing. In this guide, we will show how to use the File Uploader to build a simple HTML5+JS Image Hosting app.

Upload files in JavaScript


Establish HIPAA-Compliant ePHI Data Flows

HIPAA is US legislation providing data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. Uploadcare’s File API ensures your data flows are HIPAA-compliant and painless.

Establish HIPAA-Compliant ePHI Data Flows



If you came to Uploadcare from a DIY solution or another platform, the first thing to migrate is to copy files from their current place to your Uploadcare storage, so that they’re handled and delivered with an Uploadcare CDN.

How to Transfer Your Files to Uploadcare

Migrating Images from Filestack

Even though our Migro utility does a good job migrating your files from Filestack to Uploadcare, image transformations are a bit more complicated to transfer. This article holds a mapping of Filestack image transformation operations to the Uploadcare ones. We also provide some migration practices and visual examples.

Migrate data from Filestack