How to Set Up an Uploadcare account

Although the signup process is standard and straightforward, this article answers some questions you might while setting up an account.

Setting up an Uploadcare account

  1. Go to our home page and click Get started to create a new account.
    Uploadcare sign up
  2. Use email and password, or log in with another service:
    Uploadcare login
  3. Click on a verification link in your inbox, so that we know that it's you.
  4. Check out your personal Dashboard.

The dashboard shows your current plan, stats and limits. Also, there's a list of projects, and their API keys. You can create multiple projects for various purposes with dedicated storage and settings.

Uploadcare Dashboard

What plan to choose

Free plan has limited functionality. By default, it's limited to uploading only images. You can verify your account by providing your credit card details. It will lift all file type restrictions. You won't be charged unless you explicitly change your plan to Growth.

Growth plan provides full functionality. Pay as you grow. The more you grow, the more volume discounts apply.

Enterprise plan has specific business benefits like HIPAA, advanced analytics, your own CDN, dedicated infrastructure, custom SLA, priority support, and can be customized for your needs.

Refer to our pricing for more details.