Meteor File Uploader

Receive files from your users with a clean, lightweight and easy-to-integrate widget. This Meteor integration helps you integrate Uploadcare Widget into your Meteor app natively.



  • Upload files from a local disk, camera, and cloud source (up to 5 TB)
  • Multipart uploading for large files
  • Bulk file uploading
  • In-browser image editing
  • Uploading network to speed uploading jobs (like CDN)


meteor add uploadcare:uploadcare-widget


Public key

Discover your Uploadcare public key and use Meteor application settings to set the key for Meteor.

Add uploadcare to your settings under a public key, this will make Uploadcare settings available for your Meteor client.

For example, settings.json file:

  "public": {
    "uploadcare": {
      "publicKey": "YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY"

Run Meteor application with settings.json as settings file:

meteor --settings settings.json

HTML element

Place the following input element somewhere into your templates.

<input type="hidden" role="uploadcare-uploader" name="my_file" />html

This input HTML tag will define where the widget will be positioned on a page. Don't forget about the name attribute to further fine-tune your elements behavior.

The library looks for inputs with the role attribute, and places widgets there. As soon as a file gets uploaded, this input receives a CDN link with file UUID.

Full documentation

Read the full documentation on GitHub.