File Information

Get file info as JSON


Returns file-related information such as image dimensions or geotagging data in the JSON format.


In the last case, json response will contain the original key with the info on your original image.

Get file info as application/javascript


Same as the above, but returns data as the application/javascript type. Callback name should always be uploadcare_callback. It should receive the two following arguments: id and response object. For original files, id is equivalent to their UUIDs. For processed files, id is equivalent to their URLs excluding the last operation, jsonp.


In the first case id will be c5b7dd84-c0e2-48ff-babc-d23939f2c6b4, in the second: /c5b7dd84-c0e2-48ff-babc-d23939f2c6b4/-/preview/.