Migrating from Uploadcare

We are working hard to make our service the best and easiest on the market, but we understand that every developer needs options and a backup plan. This page describes in general terms the steps for migrating away from Uploadcare, if you ever decide to stop using our product. If you encounter any difficulties with the migration, please contact our support staff, who will work out an individualized solution for your case.

Replacing the Uploadcare Widgets

The Uploadcare Widgets are open source, so, even if you no longer plan on using Uploadcare, you can still take advantage of the widgets’ functionality. If you want to keep using the widgets, change their code to upload files to your own server.

If you want to replace the widgets entirely, you can change the input element for your Web pages to type="file", to upload files to your own server. You can also use the Filepicker tool, or another open source JavaScript library to replace the widgets. The widgets’ features, like file uploading and the progress bar, may become unavailable after you make the switch.

File Storage

We can collect your files and save them in Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3) bucket. Currently this service is only available upon request.

After your account is closed, links to your files that go through the s.uploadcare.com domain will no longer be available. However, at your request, we can enable you to point your domain to our CDN, allowing you to continue using your modified files.

File Processing

If you stop using Uploadcare, you will have to implement your own file processing scheme. We can provide you with information and statistics on your processed files to make the transition from on-the-fly processing easier.

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