Delivering eLearning

A non-obvious way to beat the industry competition

You’ll find out:

How eLearning websites perform and what technology stack they implement
The difference between companies with rising and falling visitor numbers
Which issues the eLearning industry should address to perform even better

The key highlights

In the report, Uploadcare analyzed 150 eLearning websites from the perspective of their web performance to determine how they cope with increased traffic and whether they managed to benefit from it. Some of the findings are surprising.
Only 9% of eLearning websites have a satisfactory Performance Score
Even though there’s an increase in the number of average monthly visits, most eLearning companies don’t convert the traffic on their landing pages as efficiently as they could. While a Performance Score of 90 or higher is considered very good, and below 50 is poor, tests have shown that the average score of eLearning websites is just 49.
20% of eLearning websites are dropping in traffic
The data has shown that the prevailing trend in average monthly visitors in the eLearning industry is positive. 41% of companies in the sample are trending positive. Still, a significant share is in a negative trend.
eLearning websites’ engagement rate can be improved by 43% by optimizing images
Unoptimized images can add up to many megabytes of data. Larger image files take longer to load, which degrades the user experience and position in search results. The research showed that proper image optimization alone could reduce page load times by 16% and increase page views by 43%.

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