The ultimate File Uploader by Uploadcare

Everything you need to handle file uploads on your website or app.

More than just an “Upload File” button

Uploading network
Users’ files go to the nearest of 175 distributed data centers. All uploads, even the largest, are fetched in a snap.
Built-in editor
Your users can edit images after uploading. There are nine adjustments to apply, including crop, rotate, and enhance.
Smart storage
All the uploads go to Uploadcare storage, get cached, and then are served via Uploadcare CDN.

Uploads just the way your users expect them

  • Choose files from... anywhere
    With 14 possible upload sources, your users can upload files from a desktop, cloud services, or social media.
  • The file is never too large
    Users don’t have to bother resizing, as Uploader automatically scales down images to the size you need.
  • Instant uploads
    The upload starts at the moment when users select the file, not when they submit the form. Feels like teleportation.
  • Works on any device and screen
    Uploader works and looks equally well on any device, whether it’s a 320p smartphone screen or a 27-inch iMac.
In just days we implemented a cross-browser, reliable large file upload and management solution into our site. We’ve had no problems or usability issues since going live.Chris Midgley, Unidesk
File Uploader inherits styles from your page, and its elements are scaled in line with your font size.
You can set Uploader’s behavior and adjust the uploader’s appearance down to the tiniest of details.
Uploader automatically converts images into the most efficient formats, such as JPEG or WebP.
With File Uploader, you can control who can upload and access uploaded files, and when.
30 languages
Pick one of the supported languages, or add a new one in just minutes.
35+ integrations
Go no-code with ready-to-use integrations and stick with the stack you’re comfortable with.

It takes minutes to integrate File Uploader into your product or service.