CDN settings

Setup custom CDN CNAME, cache duration, search engine indexing behavior, or even bring your own CDN.


Use your own domain for CDN links to your files stored with Uploadcare. By default, all file URLs use domain. By setting a Custom CDN CNAME, the file URLs can use instead.

Depending on your plan, you can connect Uploadcare CDN to your domain or subdomain with a Let's Encrypt SSL certificate. Custom plans let you choose any CDN you prefer.

Pick a domain name you want to use (e.g.,, contact us and let us know about your choice.

We'll tell you the domain name your CNAME should point to, e.g.

Add a CNAME record to your DNS zone, e.g.: › CNAME

We'll issue an SSL certificate on our end, so you don't need to provide your one. Then we'll set things up on our side. It usually takes 1-2 business days. Once everything is set up, and DNS changes propagate, you will need to use new URLs with your domain name.

Configure your widgets to return proper URLs, e.g.:


Replace hostname in URLs of already uploaded files served by your app. We recommend having an easily configurable setting over the hard-coding hostname of your URLs.

Cache duration

By default, uploaded files are cached for up to one year. Please contact us if you need to delete the cached version when deleting a file.

Search engine indexing

Uploadcare adds response headers that tell search engines not to index the content of files in your project to increase the privacy of your and your user's data. You can toggle this behavior separately for each project in the Dashboard in Delivery configure page.

File indexing by search engines is disabled by default.

Bring your CDN

If you depend on a specific CDN infrastructure or are under contract, you can use your current CDN with our platform. Schedule demo with us.