How to transfer your files to Uploadcare

Migro tool allows you to migrate files to Uploadcare from AWS S3, cloud file management services or other DIY solutions. You can migrate from additional services by providing URLs for file import. Once migrated, your files will handled and delivered using Uploadcare's CDN.

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How it works

Migro doesn't directly download any files. It utilizes the Upload API, precisely the From URL method.

Migro supports migration from the following sources:

  • AWS S3: The tool scans the bucket, generates temporary signed URLs, and migrates all files.
  • File with URLs: The tool reads a file containing URLs and migrates all files listed.

The migration process is straightforward: you either provide a list of file URLs or set your AWS S3 credentials (scans the bucket and generates temporary signed URLs for all files), and those files are uploaded to your Uploadcare project.

Upon completion, you will receive a listing of all uploaded files. You will also receive details on the status of each processed file and any errors that may have occurred.

Each migration source requires API keys.


Utility requires Python version 3.8 or later.

To install migro, run:

pip install uploadcare-migro

Read the complete documentation on GitHub.