The Uploadcare experience is centred around the concept of a project. Projects are separate environments with unique API keys, dedicated storage, and other settings.

You can create a few projects for one account. Information about all existing projects can be found on the Workspace tab. Every project has detailed analytics.

We recommend creating at least two projects: for staging and the production environment.

We also recommend having different projects for different kinds of data: one serves your frontend assets, another for user-generated content, and one more for content that must be additionally secured with signed uploads and URLs.

API keys

We provide two kinds of API keys: public and secret.

Public API key

The main use of a YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY is to identify a target project for your uploads. Only public key is required when using most features of the Upload API (or its clients, such as the File Uploader).

Secret API keys

A YOUR_SECRET_KEY is required when using our REST API to manage files within a project or when implementing signed uploads. Generate as many secret API keys as you need to have precise control.


Every project can be configurable in its Dashboard.

Uploading settings:

Storage settings:

Delivery settings:

Project settings:

  • Project name
  • Delete project


The account owner can add collaborators to their projects. Collaborators:

  • Have full access to project files.
  • Have access to this project's settings (including secret keys).
  • Can't invite new users to the project.
  • Can't delete the project. Only the project owner can do that.
  • Don't have access to the payment settings for that project.

Billing rules are inherited from the account owner; therefore, projects will be created for this account with the same limits as the owner, regardless of the plan that the collaborators are on.

If the invited user doesn't have an Uploadcare account, they will be redirected to the signup page (they should use the same email address to which they were invited). The invitation link is valid for 24 hours.

Configure your team in the Team section.