Add pattern parameter to upload widget


I’ve seen a few posts about this topic, but I’m trying to find a way using Zapier to copy uploaded files over to Google Drive. I just need some sort of “key” that would allow me to do a lookup to associate the uploaded file to the right user so I can put it in the right folder.

I saw another post about using the “pattern” parameter to specify a folder in S3 - I’m wondering if the pattern parameter can be used in the upload widget? Or is there any other way I can add a key or identifier using the upload widget or filename?

I’m so close to getting everything working, I just need to associate the file to a user somehow. Any help would be appreciated!


Hi @kevin1437b225a8a242e,

When using Zapier, you can use any key from the Zapier hook payload to define the target path. For example, you can create a folder with the same name as file UUID and put the file in there. However, there’s no way to add a specific custom key or tag to a file, that contains user name or ID hence there’s no way to associate a particular file with a user, using Uploadcare capabilities. We’re going to make it possible to add custom metadata to files in the future.

Can you tell us about your use case? Maybe we can suggest a workaround.