How to get individual file UUIDs from a multiupload?

If you’re using a multi upload UUID that you get is UUID of a file group, not an individual file.

File manager in your dashboard shows individual files.

To get UUIDs for individual files in a group you can either get those in JS during upload, or request REST API Group resource.

Below is a snippet that can be used to get files’ UUIDs in JS:

var multipleWidget = uploadcare.MultipleWidget("\[role=uploadcare-uploader\]");
$ = uploadcare.jQuery; // skip this if you already have jQuery on the page 
multipleWidget.onChange(function(group) {
    if (group) {   
        group.files(); // array of file objects     
        $.when.apply(null, group.files()).then(function() {
            $.each(arguments, function() {
                console.log(this.cdnUrl); // URL of uploaded file
                console.log(this.uuid); // UUID of uploaded file