Possible Errors, Upload API

Upload API supports the same HTTP statuses convention for errors as REST API. However, instead of returning a JSON object with error info, by default, it returns an error message as plain text. If needed, you can switch to the JSON representation error reporting by sending the jsonerrors=1 flag.

Here is the list of common Upload API errors:

If the UPLOADCARE_PUB_KEY parameter is missing in a request,

[HTTP 403] UPLOADCARE_PUB_KEY is required.

If a specified UPLOADCARE_PUB_KEY is invalid, e.g., your project does not exist,

[HTTP 403] UPLOADCARE_PUB_KEY is invalid.

When using the automatic storing option is a request while it is disabled for your project,

[HTTP 403] Autostore is disabled.

If a parent account of a project defined by your pub_key is blocked,

[HTTP 403] Account has been blocked.

If a parent account of a project defined by your pub_key is blocked for nonpayment,

[HTTP 403] Account has been blocked for nonpayment.

If you are over your account limits, which only happens on the Free plan,

[HTTP 403] Account has reached its limits.

If an uploaded file is too large:

[HTTP 400] File is too large.


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