Getting File Info

Beside uploads, our Upload API allows requesting file info.

GET /info/

Such requests return a JSON dictionary holding your file info.

Query parameters

pub_key, string

Defines a target project you work with, by its public key. If pub_key is missing, method returns an error,

[HTTP 400] pub_key is required.

file_id, string

UUID of a target file to request its info. If file_id is missing, method returns an error,

[HTTP 400] file_id is required.

Getting file info, example


curl "\


  "is_stored": true,
  "done": 145212,
  "file_id": "575ed4e8-f4e8-4c14-a58b-1527b6d9ee46",
  "total": 145212,
  "size": 145212,
  "uuid": "575ed4e8-f4e8-4c14-a58b-1527b6d9ee46",
  "is_image": true,
  "filename": "EU_4.jpg",
  "is_ready": true,
  "original_filename": "EU_4.jpg",
  "mime_type": "image/jpeg",
  "image_info": {
    "orientation": null,
    "format": "JPEG",
    "height": 640,
    "width": 960,
    "geo_location": null,
    "datetime_original": null


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