Uploading files via requests

Upload API helps you upload files by making POST requests to, via HTTPS,


In short, it goes like POST /base/.

Query parameters


Defines a project to which your uploads go to via its public key.


Sets the file storing behavior. Once stored, files are not deleted after a 24-hour period. Accepted values are:

  • 0 or not set — files do not get stored upon uploading.
  • 1 — files get stored upon uploading. Requires the “automatic file storing” setting to be enabled.
  • auto — file storing works in line with your project settings.


Files as form data, any field names will do.


In response, you get a JSON dictionary where keys correspond to file field names, and their values are the respective file UUIDs. Here is an example,


curl -F "UPLOADCARE_PUB_KEY=demopublickey" \
     -F "file=@image.jpeg" \


  "file": "17be4678-dab7-4bc7-8753-28914a22960a"

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