REST API Possible Errors

Uploadcare uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate whether an API request was a success or failure. In general, response codes in the 2xx range indicate a request was a success, while codes in the 4xx range indicate errors caused by providing Uploadcare with invalid parameters, etc. Codes within the 5xx range are rare and indicate errors with Uploadcare servers.



200 — OK

Everything worked as expected.

400 — Bad Request

A request wasn’t accepted, often due to missing parameters.

401 — Unauthorized

No valid API key provided.

403 — Forbidden

Access to resource is denied.

404 — Not Found

The requested resource doesn’t exist.

405 — Method not allowed

Request method not supported, e.g. when using POST instead of GET.

429 — Too Many Requests

Request was throttled. Expected available in {wait} second.

500, 502, 503, 504 — Server Errors

Something went wrong on our side (these are rare.)

Each of the API error responses, except for the 5xx server errors, provides a JSON object holding the detail key with detailed info about an error. Here is an example,




{"detail": "Authentication credentials were not provided."}

For more information about errors which may occur when addressing particular resources, please read their respective sections.