Uploadcare API Overview

Uploadcare API provides a single point of control for the entire infrastructure. We implement an Upload and REST APIs for file uploads and management, while our CDN API is a framework powered by a domain-specific language to control on-the-fly media transformations via URL directives.

JavaScript API was made to tweak File Uploader behavior. Over its lifetime, JS API got lots of methods that are not directly related to the widget; those will shortly become a separate library for convenience.

Upload API — Direct, Multipar, Social

Upload API provides several low-level ways of uploading media from various sources to our file upload instances.

Full Upload API Reference

REST API — Access to Projects and Files

The powerful REST API is made to manage projects and files. It is also the lowest level of access to Uploadcare and is implemented in every client. So, if you aren’t a library writer, you are perhaps better off using one of our API clients for a language you prefer.

Full REST API Reference

CDN API — Image Processing and Transformations

Here is the example so you can get the idea right away:



What you see is the DSL for our CDN API. Using this language, you can apply the processing operations on-the-fly by simply including them in a file’s URL: enhance images, optimize and crop them, implement responsive images or art direction.

Image Transformations via CDN API

We are currently updating the full CDN API reference to make it more useful and relevant, but it’s still available to get any technical info on the CDN API.

JavaScript API — Easily Tweaking File Uploader

The JavaScript API is a set of tools allowing you to adjust our File Uploader behavior and implement advanced workflows like moderating uploaded content or playing with the widget appearance.

You can use certain methods of the API without the widget, as standalone components.

Full JavaScript API Reference