API Overview

Uploadcare API provides a single point of control for the entire infrastructure:

Upload API

Key features:

  • Direct uploading
  • Multipart uploading
  • Uploading via URL
  • Secure uploading

Upload API powers our File Uploader.

Upload API Reference
Upload API clients


Key features:

  • Secure authorization
  • File and file groups management
  • Uploadcare projects management
  • Video encoding and documents conversion
  • Object recognition

REST API Reference
REST API clients

CDN operations

Key features:

  • Works on-the-fly
  • Various image resizing methods, including smart crop
  • Various image compression methods, including smart compression
  • Fine control over colors
  • Various image modifications
  • File information

Here is the example of using our domain-specific language so you can get the idea right away:


Center image and crop to size


Grayscale image effect (black and white)

Image transformations

File Uploader API

This is a set of tools allowing you to adjust our File Uploader behavior and implement advanced workflows like moderating uploaded content or playing with the file uploader appearance. You can also use certain methods of the API without the file uploader, as standalone components.

File Uploader API Reference


When we introduce backward-incompatible changes into File Uploader and REST API, we release new major versions. Once published, such versions are supported for a limited time period. This section combines versions, their publishing dates, and support terms.

The support length for each new release of Uploadcare File Uploader and REST API is 2 years. The two-year support term for current versions starts when we release the new ones. We will update this document, our changelog, and notify you via email about new releases.

The latest stable versions are:

  • Uploadcare File Uploader: 3.11.0
  • REST API: 0.5

File Uploader Versioning

VersionDate PublishedSupported Until
3.x28 Jun 2017TBD
2.x20 Feb 20151 Jan 2020
1.x21 Mar 20141 Jun 2019
0.x6 Sep 20121 Jun 2019

Note, you will still be able to use any file uploader version after its support term. However, you will be acting at your own risk.

The history of file uploader 3.x and 2.x changes can be found on GitHub. To migrate from 2.x to 3.x, check out this migration guide.

REST API Versioning

VersionDate PublishedAvailable Until
0.51 Apr 2016TBD
0.413 Jun 20151 Sep 2019
0.311 Jun 20131 Sep 2019
0.27 Jun 20121 Sep 2019
0.131 May 20121 Feb 2019
Undefined31 May 20121 Sep 2019

Note, you won’t be able to use any API version after its support term. Requests to deprecated API versions will return error messages.