API Overview

We have two APIs, one for uploading, and one for file management.

Upload API

Key features:

  • Direct uploading
  • Multipart uploading
  • Uploading via URL
  • Secure uploading

Upload API powers our File Uploader.

Upload API Reference →

Upload API clients →

Upload API versioning

Upload API doesn't have versioning at the moment.


Key features:

  • Secure authorization
  • File and file groups management
  • Uploadcare projects management
  • Video processing and document conversion
  • Object recognition

REST API Reference →

REST API clients →

REST API versioning

When we introduce backward-incompatible changes, we release new major versions. Once published, such versions are supported for 2 years.

VersionDate PublishedAvailable Until
0.715 Aug 2022TBD
0.6RC15 Aug 2024
0.51 Apr 201615 Aug 2024
0.413 Jun 20151 Sep 2019
0.311 Jun 20131 Sep 2019
0.27 Jun 20121 Sep 2019
0.131 May 20121 Feb 2019
Undefined31 May 20121 Sep 2019

Note, you won’t be able to use any API version after its support term. Requests to deprecated API versions will return error messages.