Uploadcare APIs

Three APIs for your entire file pipeline:

APIs come with integrations for the most popular programming languages and frameworks.

Upload API

Upload files to Uploadcare servers. Fast, secure, and reliable.

Key features:

  • Direct uploading
  • Multipart uploading
  • Uploading via URL
  • Signed uploads

Upload API powers our File Uploader and jQuery widget.

Upload API reference →

Upload API clients →


From basic CRUD operations to adding metadata, converting videos and documents, checking for viruses and running various add-ons.

Key features:

  • Secure authorization
  • File and groups management
  • File arbitrary metadata management
  • Video processing
  • Document conversion
  • Object recognition
  • Image background removal
  • Malware detection

REST API reference →

REST API clients →

REST API versioning

REST API is a subject to versioning. When we introduce backward-incompatible changes, we release new major versions. Once published, such versions are supported for 2 years. See all REST API versions for more details.


Optimize, transform, and adjust images on the fly.

Key features:

  • Works on the fly
  • Image optimization
  • Image transformation
  • Image color adjustment
  • Image and text overlays
  • Face detection and color recognition
  • Getting file information
  • Signed URLs

URL API can be used with Proxy.

URL API reference →