Widget 3.2.1

widget November 13, 2017

The new version comes with the following updates:

  • Fixed automatic crop: now, if multi-upload is enabled and a crop option is specified, a crop is automatically applied to a last uploaded file.
  • Fixed the problem with drag&drop: the class .uploadcare--dragging was not removed from the body when finished dragging.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget 3.2.0

widget October 30, 2017

This update deals with the UPLOADCARE_LIVE behavior when set to true, which is a default. By default, new [role=uploadcare-uploader] elements on your page are initialized as widgets every ~100 ms which may cause devtools blinking. See issues #277, #281, #366, #384, #411 for details. This widget version 3.2.0 fixes the behavior.

Also in the release:

  • Added the .uploadcare--panel__powered_by block inside .uploadcare--panel__content.
  • Fixed bug with iOS 11 menu, see #417.
  • Updated value of the --color-base variable in the config of styles.
  • Updated bundled styles:
    • removed the -webkit prefix for transition,
    • added the prefix in Edge, for ::placeholder of .uploadcare--input.
  • Updated README:
    • changed the Uploadcare logo,
    • added shield with the current version of npm package.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Accelerated large file uploads

widget October 20, 2017

Every large file upload you make with Uploadcare Widget is now faster. It works for any file larger than 25MB and is possible because your traffic goes through the data center closest to your location. The actual performance improvement can get up to 500% depending on your network bandwidth and file sizes. Uploading files smaller than 25MB is not affected by this update. Accelerated Uploads is not an option you should enable explicitly: it works on every plan and account.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget 3.1.4 (hotfix)

widget September 22, 2017

Apple released Safari 11 two days ago. The new version of browser supports Media Capture and Stream API, and the camera tab in Uploadcare Widget finally started working in Safari 🎉. But, there was an error during the start of the stream from a webcam.

This version fixes this error and the camera tab, stream from a webcam and taking photos work in Safari 11.

We strongly advise updating to 3.1.4.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget 3.1.3

widget September 14, 2017

The new version comes with the following updates:

  • Fixed, preview tab footer would disappear when selecting many files, issue #409.
  • Fixed typo in the Spanish (es) locale.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget 3.1.2

widget August 18, 2017

The new version comes with the following updates:

  • Fixed styles to avoid inheriting global styles from button or div[role=button] for the following classes:
    • uploadcare--button
    • uploadcare--button_muted
    • uploadcare--button_overlay
    • uploadcare--button_primary
    • uploadcare--button_primary
    • uploadcare--crop-sizes__item
    • uploadcare--widget__button
    • uploadcare--widget__button_type_open
  • Updated README: added StackShare badge.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

PHP lib version 2

libs, php August 03, 2017

We've just released new version of PHP lib — 2.0.0

Major changes:

  • update default widget version to 3.x
  • upgrade to REST API v0.5

Update your composer.json:

"require": {
   "uploadcare/uploadcare-php": ">=v2.0,<3.0"

and run

composer update --no-dev

Widget 3.1.1 (hotfix)

widget July 24, 2017

The hotfix introduces the following updates:

  • Fixed, the dialog would close when double-clicking the tabs menu, issue #402
  • Fixed Portuguese (pt) locale

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget 3.1.0

widget July 24, 2017

The new version comes with the following updates:

  • Fixed problems with scrolling and buttons in footers on iframe tabs (Instagram-like) in Safari for iOS, issue #395
  • Added Korean (ko) locale, thanks, masher86
  • Updated Arabic (ar) locale

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Convert GIF to video

cdn api July 07, 2017

You can now convert GIFs to either H.264 or WebM video formats on the fly via our new gif2video operation. Video files are generally much smaller than GIFs hence their delivery is significantly faster.

The gif2video feature is disabled by default and should be explicitly enabled for your project. Learn more in our docs.

Widget 3.0.1 (hotfix)

widget July 03, 2017

This version fixes couple of bugs that slipped into the release:

  • Fixed the Cannot read property 'tabs' of undefined error, issue #388
  • Fixed the jQuery.Deferred exception: this.state is not a function error, issue #387

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget 3.0.0

widget June 29, 2017
Widget 3.0.0 on desktop

Uploadcare Widget 3 is out with its first release version 3.0.0.

It was deeply redesigned including its look, styles, and markup.

In case you were using the widget v2 and its JavaScript API without customizing any styles, feel free to just switch to v3: learn more in our docs.

Otherwise, consider checking out our migration guide.

Widget v3 in action. Check out the complete widget changelog here.

Widget 2.10.4

widget June 28, 2017

The new version includes fixes for jQuery 3.x compatibility: it is now fully supported. We also added translations for the camera tab to the Portuguese (pt) locale.

Widget in action. See the complete widget v2 changelog here.

Download multiple files as ZIP or TAR archives

cdn api June 08, 2017

Now, instead of iterating through individual files and downloading them one by one you can get a whole pack in one go. We've introduced the archive operation for that. It allows you to get groups as either zip or tar archives.

Current limits are:

  • total uncompressed size of files in a group should not exceed 100 MB
  • archives include original files only — CDN API operations info is discarded

Backup procedure change

upload api, rest api, storage March 16, 2017

Since March, we've changed our file backup mechanics. On a daily basis, we used to check your backup bucket and copy all the stored files that were missing. From now on, files only go to your backup once. And that's when they get stored. In the first case, files you've deleted could reappear. Currently, deleted files won't be restored automatically. However, you can always contact us to restore stuff you accidentally deleted.

Since we're no longer listing through your buckets, the number of respective requests lowers: your backup procedure gets much faster and cost effective.

Widget 2.10.3 (hotfix)

widget January 23, 2017

The version 2.10.3 fixes file group generation when it's used together with Signed Uploads. If you're planning to combine the two features, we advise updating to 2.10.3.

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Widget CDN links update

widget January 23, 2017

Putting it straight, we've made CDN links to our widget script simpler. There's more to it, you can now use wildcards to identify the latest widget version. Here's how it may look now:

  • https://ucarecdn.com/libs/widget/2.x/uploadcare.full.min.js
  • https://ucarecdn.com/libs/widget/2.10.x/uploadcare.full.min.js

We're heavy on backward compatibility so the old scheme works too (i.e. you don't have to change anything unless you want to):

  • http://ucarecdn.com/widget/2.10.3/uploadcare/uploadcare.full.min.js

Widget in action. Full widget changelog is here.

Detect faces in your images

cdn api January 19, 2017

From this point on you can detect faces in photos with Uploadcare. We're happy to announce the detect_faces CDN API operation.

enter image description here

The operation gives you coordinates of faces found in your images in a neat JSON:

{"faces": [
  [120, 380, 560, 560],
  [1235, 310, 635, 635],
  [2375, 110, 740, 740]

Use it to further improve your image workflow or build stuff from scratch!

Make use of WebP images with Uploadcare

widget, cdn api January 19, 2017

You can now upload WebP images with our widget, process those on-the-fly using Uploadcare CDN or convert your existing images to WebP by adjusting their format.

Widget 2.10.2 (hotfix)

widget, javascript api November 29, 2016

We've encountered a bug in Firefox 50 that makes Uploadcare Widget 2.10.1 literally useless with this browser. Luckily, the fix was implemented with the version 2.10.2.

We strongly advise updating to 2.10.2.

Other changes:

  • Instagram icon is updated
  • Tabs visual style is fixed
  • Swedish locale is fixed

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here.

Extract colors from your images

cdn api October 28, 2016

You are now able to extract colors from your images with the main_colors CDN API operation. Basically, the operation is about analyzing an image in order to extract a given number of dominant colors as a list of RGB values.

Widget 2.10.1

widget October 28, 2016

We have just released the Uploadcare widget 2.10.1 with the following fixes implemented,

  • Improved preview orientation for some images.
  • Fixed the image size issue on the widget crop tab in IE 11.
  • Tabs overflow in Safari is now fixed.

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here.

Keep in mind that you can be updated on our changelog status with both RSS and Atom feeds.

Hi-res images from Instagram

upload api, integrations October 19, 2016

Until quite recently, the largest image we could get from Instagram was 640x640 px in size. From now on we try to get the hi-res (1080x1080 px) images first and fallback to the standard size in case we fail.

Support all regions for S3 buckets

upload api, rest api, storage October 19, 2016

For a good while, there was a limitation on which S3 buckets could be used for backup and as custom storage with Uploadcare. We're happy to announce Uploadcare now supports all the AWS regions (including Frankfurt, Seoul, and Mumbai).

If you're interested in the details, the problem was with AWS signature version 4.

"Auto-copy" for S3 custom storage

dashboard, upload api, integrations October 19, 2016

We've added the "auto-copy" feature to your custom storage S3 buckets. After it's enabled you no longer have to send explicit requests to our REST API in order to copy uploaded files. You can still use the REST API if you'd like to copy file variants/versions.

The feature is free and is available for all of our clients that use custom storage.

Widget 2.10.0: Google Photos

widget, integrations August 29, 2016

enter image description here

Google Photos added as a new file source. It's available in the widget starting from version 2.10.0.

See it in action. You can find full changelog entry here.

DPI in the image info

upload api, javascript api July 26, 2016

We've added dpi attribute to the file info. It is available in the image_info object in upload API and in the originalImageInfo object in JavaScript API.

We get DPI from format attributes if they exist, otherwise from EXIF XResolution and YResolution tags.

Increased CDN limits

cdn api July 25, 2016

We've increased CDN image dimensions limits. This means that you can retrieve larger images from CDN and process larger original files from your users.

Maximum source image resolution is increased from 50 to 75 Megapixels. This allows, for example, to handle panoramas from iPhone 6s.

Maximum output resolution is increased from 2048×2048 to 3000×3000 pixels (look at this example).

Default values for -/preview/ operation stay the same, so preview without arguments will produce images with resolution up to 2048×2048 to save bandwidth.

Auto enhance via CDN

cdn api June 07, 2016

We've added an auto enhance operation to our CDN image processing API. It automatically tunes levels, contrast and sharpening.

So instead of original on the left you get enhanced version on the right:

The feature is available on all plans with no extra charge :)

Secure Uploads

widget, upload api June 07, 2016

We've added an extra security option to our Upload API, with it you'll have full control of who and when can upload files to your project. The setting is project-wide and requires to have a secure signature generation on your back-end (see example in the docs).

It's natively supported by the widget starting from version 2.9.0.