Validation and moderation

When uploading files to your project, you can validate the types of files you want to accept, and apply various checks after (e.g., virus checking).

Maximum file size

You can set the maximum file size accepted by API up to 5TB (5242880 MB).

Configure your validation options in the Validation section.

Validate allowed file types

You can set up a project to only upload certain types of files. By default, all MIME file types can be uploaded to the project.

You can validate uploads by allowing only specific file types:

  • audio
  • documents
  • fonts
  • images
  • video

Configure your validation options in the Validation section.

Contact our sales team if you need to enable precise MIME type moderation.

Malware protection

Uploadcare automatically detects infected or malicious files, preventing your users from uploading them and helping you avoid distributing such files. Turning Malware protection on will make sure your app is secure and compliant. All files are checked by ClamAV (open-source antivirus engine).

Read more about malware protection options.

Unsafe content detection

Detect and identify inappropriate, unwanted, NSFW, or offensive user-generated content in order to enhance user safety, ensure brand integrity, and comply with local and global regulations.

Read more about unsafe content detection options.

Frontend file validation

Our new File Uploader is easily set up to:

  • Limit file size
  • Restrict to images only.
  • File input accepts attribute value.

Similar validation settings in our jQuery widget:

  • Limit file size
  • Restrict file type
  • Image dimensions
  • Image orientation
  • File input accept attribute value