File management

Implement custom workflows for your uploaded files.

  • Arbitrary file metadata management
  • Webhooks for various events
  • S3 bucket integration
  • Add-ons to run 3rd party services
  • API clients for popular platforms

Once uploaded, you can manage files using REST API and project storage settings.

How it works

Manage your files using REST API directly or with an API client.

curl "" \
     -H "Accept: application/vnd.uploadcare-v0.7+json" \
     -H "Authorization: Uploadcare.Simple UPLOADCARE_PUBLIC_KEY:UPLOADCARE_SECRET_KEY"bash

Table of Contents

File metadataFile metadata is additional, arbitrary key-value data associated with uploaded files. For example, you could store a unique file identifier from your system.
WebhooksUploadcare uses webhooks to notify your application about certain events that occur in your project asynchronously.
S3 bucket integrationConnect an Amazon S3 bucket to one or more of your Uploadcare projects to implement custom file workflows, integrated deeply into your system.
Storage backupsAutomatically copy all of you stored files to a custom S3 bucket. Connect the storage once, and the system will do backups on a timely basis.
Add-onsApplication implemented by Uploadcare that accepts uploaded files and process them with 3rd party services, like video encoding or background removal.
REST APILow-level access to Uploadcare features, e.g. CRUD files and their metadata, receive webhooks, and run add-ons.
API integrationsYou don't have to code most of the low-level API integrations. We have high-level libraries for all popular platforms.