File uploading

You can upload any file type, from almost any source, using a variety of upload options

  • Built-in storage and CDN
  • Uploading acceleration network
  • Multipart uploading up to 5 TB per file
  • File analysis and moderation
  • Authenticated uploading process
  • Unlimited scalability on demand
  • API clients for popular platforms

Upload files from almost any source using API or beautiful UI file uploaders. Receive and store: user-generated content, programmatically uploaded media, large files to be later optimized, etc.

Once uploaded, files become instantly accessible on our CDN via their unique and unguessable URLs. Deliver them with the set of image optimization and transformation operations, or manage via REST API.

File Uploader

Integrate our customizable uploading widget that provides a ton of features and works in all modern browsers:

Our web and mobile uploading widgets:

Upload API

Build custom uploading flow using Upload API directly or with an API client.

import { uploadFile } from '@uploadcare/upload-client'

// fileData must be `Blob`, `File`, `Buffer`, UUID, CDN URL or Remote URL
const result = await uploadFile(fileData, {
  publicKey: 'YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY',
  store: 'auto',
  metadata: {
    subsystem: 'uploader',
    pet: 'cat'
console.log(`URL: ${file.cdnUrl}`)

Check out our guide to the various methods of uploading files and available integrations.


It is the best and simplest way to retrieve files from existing remote locations and deliver them using our CDN. + =

Learn more about Proxy.

Table of Contents

Uploading filesUpload media files with various options. Whether you need to accept user-generated content or serve media on your website or app, we've got you covered
File UploaderOpen source, responsive and mobile-ready web solution that allows users to select and upload multiple files from various sources
Storage optionsUploadcare storage requires no configuration and works out of the box. Learn about file storing behavior
Signed uploadsGet to control who can and when can upload files to one of your Uploadcare projects
File analysis on uploadWe extract a ton of helpful information about file that you can use to your benifit
Validation and moderationYou can validate the types of files you want to accept, and apply various checks after
Upload APILow-level access to provide several ways of uploading files to Uploadcare servers in a secure and reliable way
API integrationsYou don't have to code most of the low-level API integrations. We have high-level libraries for all popular platforms