The file upload functionality lets you and your end users get files to the server. It can handle very large files up to 5 GB (optionally up to 5 TB), multiple files at once, secure your uploads with tokens, and more. The solution works on a fail-safe infrastructure with an accelerated uploading technology that works similar to a CDN.

Uploading works on a perproject basis, where each project has a dedicated storage and a set of Security Keys. The Public Key is used for regular uploading and Secret API Keys for Secure Uploading.

Every uploaded file gets a UUID and CDN URL.

File Uploader

File Uploader is a frontend agent for the uploading functionality and it replaces your HTML <input type="file"> controls.

The File Uploader UI a customizable and responsive dialog window. It lets users select and upload files from their local disks and other sources. This uploader offers a post-uploading image editor, where you can crop, resize, and do other adjustments.

Plugins let you integrate File Uploader with WordPress and other CMSs.

No-code Integrations include usage guides for Shopify, Squarespace, and other platforms.

Other uploading options

Upload API — upload directly or via an API client to implement a custom uploading workflow.

Dashboard, to pick and upload files here on the website (with File Uploader).