Implement file uploading into your application.

  • Built-in storage and CDN
  • Uploading acceleration network
  • Multipart uploading up to 5 TB per file
  • Authenticated uploading process
  • Unlimited scalability on demand

Upload API

Build custom uploading flow using Upload API directly or with an API client.

curl -F "UPLOADCARE_PUB_KEY=demopublickey" \
     -F "-image.jpeg" \

Once a file is uploaded, it's available by a URL with the UUID:

Upload API reference

API clients

File Uploader

  • We’re building the next version of File Uploader. Check out the beta.

We’ve built a UI that uses Upload API so you don’t have to.

npm install uploadcare-widgetbash
import uploadcare from 'uploadcare-widget'javascript

You can get a file uploader instance and configure it with configuration object:

<input id="uploader" type="hidden" />html
const widget = uploadcare.Widget("#uploader", { publicKey: 'YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY' });javascript

Replace YOUR_PUBLIC_KEY with your public API key.

It will appear like this (clickable):


This responsive widget works in all modern browsers, on all devices and it has a plenty of features and customization options.

File Uploader

Alternative methods

Transfer and deliver your existing files with Uploadcare without explicitly uploading:

Signed uploads

Control who can upload files to your account by authenticating upload requests.

Signed uploads