At Uploadcare we honor the safety of personal and business-sensitive information and implement compliancy with GDPR, HIPAA and other standards and regulations. Uploadcare provides you with advanced privacy features to upload, access and manage your content in a secure way.

Secure uploading

Control who and when can upload files. It prevents from uploading files using a Public API key only. You'll have to generate a security token on the backend to upload a file. Signed uploads work for a particular Uploadcare project.

Malware protection

Enable malware checking for all uploaded files.

Secure delivery

Control who and when can request files. Enabling this feature limits access to your project files. A user will require a token from your backend to access the content. Authenticated URLs work in conjunction with custom domains.

Search engine indexing

Restrict search engines to analyze and index content in your project for global search: image and text. Setup search engine indexing behavior.

Secure webhooks

Control who and when can call your webhook endpoint (URL). Without verification, anyone can spoof a request sent to the webhook URL. The solution is to sign each webhook payload with a secret.


For purposes of keeping customer and end-user data safe and secure, Uploadcare is committed to complying with industry-standard privacy and security measures, as well as with all applicable data privacy and security laws and regulations. Read our security whitepaper to find out more.