We at Uploadcare honor the safety of personal and business-sensitive information and implement compliancy with GDPR, HIPAA and other standards and regulations. Uploadcare provides you with advanced privacy features to upload, access and manage your content in a secure way.

Secure Uploading

Control who and when can upload files. It prevents from uploading files using a Public API key only. You'll have to generate a security token on the backend to upload a file. Secure Uploading works for a particular Uploadcare project.

Secure Delivery

Control who and when can request files. Enabling this feature limits access to your project files. A user will require a token from your backend to access the content. Secure Delivery works in conjunction with custom domains. Set up a custom CNAME to use this feature.

Secure Webhooks

Control who and when can call your webhook endpoint (URL). Without verification, anyone can spoof a request sent to the webhook URL. The solution is to sign each webhook payload with a secret.