Build file handling in minutes

Upload, store, transform, optimize, and deliver images, videos, and documents to billions of users.


Enable obsessively friendly file uploads

Friendly to users and developers alike. Our HTML5 uploading widget and underlying API fit your stack, tick every box, and look great on any device.

Solution for fast and secure uploading


Responsive HTML5 widget with built-in image editor. Light on resources and developer time.


Accelerated uploads to storage via our global CDN. Multipart, resumable, up to 5TB per file.


Set up colors, accents and dark mode, or go deep with CSS & JS. Enable up to 12 file sources.
It's the most painless, enjoyable flow out there. Awesome product. We all love Uploadcare dearly.
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Handle all files smart & RESTfully

Ship faster with a complete file platform in your toolbelt. Use integrated apps to validate, manage and analyze files. Create custom workflows and process in batch via REST API.

  • Image optimization

    Reduce image size by up to 80% for better UX and SEO.

  • AVIF and WEBP on autopilot

    Automatically convert images to the most efficient next-gen formats.

  • Image transformations

    Crop, resize and adjust colors. All with simple URL commands.

  • AI object tagging

    Gather accurate recognition data for people, objects and content.

  • Content info

    Detailed media insights: MIME type, size, resolution, format & more.

  • Size and type filtering

    Validate and filter all uploaded files server-side for safer, easier handling.

  • Malware scanner

    Automatically prevent uploads of infected or malicious files.

  • Webhooks

    Build custom file uploading and management workflows.

  • Custom metadata

    Add custom info for stored files: order numbers, item IDs, user names...

  • Video processing

    Encode, convert, resize, generate thumbnails – for videos and GIFs.

  • Document conversion

    Accept, process and convert all modern office file formats.

  • Background removal

    Isolate key content in any photo, accurately and 100% automatically.

smart cdn

Process media on the fly right before delivery time

Optimize images on our CDN before they’re sent to your app or website. Simply change URL parameters and hack away: the silicon for transformations is on us.

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Image ID
Chain of transformations
File name
People in office

Chain 40+ operations

Add intuitive parameters to your asset’s URL to apply multiple transformations on the spot.

Automate image ops

Smart compression, backgrounds, cropping and more. Powered by AI and the world’s fastest image resizing algo.

Save bandwidth

Deliver optimized media that load much faster, while offloading resource-intensive transformations to our CDN.
In-house file infrastructure? No thank you. With Uploadcare, we save 40 hours of our developers time per week and decrease the total cost of ownership (TCO) on infrastructure development. More to ask?

The infra comes with the territory

The Uploadcare Smart CDN is rock-solid and lightning-fast in both directions. Secure uploads even on spotty connections, and deliver media anywhere as if it were cached next door. With no maintenance required.

The Uploadcare Smart CDN is rock-solid and lightning-fast in both directions
325,000+nodes worldwide3cdn providers135countries99,99%guaranteed uptime
Best-in-class file uploaderIntegrated cloud storage & APIImage optimization to next-gen formatsContent-aware image crop and resizeDelivery through a worldwide CDN
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Yonas Beshawred Founder and CEO