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CDN and File Management For eLearning Platforms

Meet Uploadcare: the cloud content platform to handle all your eLearning materials — from uploading presentations to delivering course media to students planet-wide.

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eLearning Content Delivery Platform

Educate everyone everywhere, with complete file management and media delivery that fits the needs of modern education platforms.

Upload lessons and homework

Secure files and student access

Deliver courses and eLearning images

Store, convert, optimize hours of video lessons

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Uploadcare is a perfect example of a laser-focused application which solves a real problem. And it worked and works perfectly for us.
Serge Barysiuk | Co-Founder and CTO
Serge Barysiuk Co-Founder and CTO
File Uploader
Allow anyone to upload files securely

Our leading file uploader ensures all files reach your platform — from enrollment forms, to hours of video lessons, to assignments due 23:59! Build better courses and simplify the learning experience.

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Responsive HTML5 uploaderCustomizable look & feelAny file type and compressionUp to 5TB per file
eLearning file storage
Organize and secure educational content

Store course assets and student data on our global cloud storage, secured with the latest security and compliance measures. Manage files right from Uploadcare, or integrate easily with your LMS and admin panel of choice.

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Fast storage and backupsUser-level access permissionsVirus & malware scanningSecure encryption
CDN & content delivery
Create Responsive eLearning for any device

Uploadcare’s smart CDN optimizes image resolution and file size for each student device. Presentations and media load fast and sharp, saving you up to 80% on hosting expenses.

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4 CDNs in 135+ countriesResistant to traffic surges99.99% guaranteed uptimeAuto-responsive media
Simplify education compliance thanks to our secure platform

Create your eLearning platform with Uploadcare’s leading media pipeline

Build your e-learning platform on top of a complete media pipeline that plays well with your stack and workflow. Spend more time educating rather than maintaining servers: for all things files, we’ve got you covered, and secure.

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It's the most painless, enjoyable flow out there. Awesome product. We all love Uploadcare dearly.
Chris Van Wiemeersch | UX Engineer
Chris Van Wiemeersch UX Engineer
eLearning product features

Future-proof your online education with modern content delivery

Responsive course media

Optimize course media for all devices, save on hosting and improve student experience.

Globally scalable CDN

Multi-CDN scales for any volume of students, exam sessions, or video streaming.

Secure storage

Keep your files safe in cloud storage, with automated backups and detailed access policies.

Easy LMS integration

Manage content from Uploadcare dashboard or integrate with LMS/CRM via API.

Detailed user profiles

Manage multiple account types for students and educators. Simplify support and access to content.

AI content recognition

Analyze assignments and media at scale with AI recognition of objects, face, and other content.


Saving 50 hours year while staying HIPAA-compliant

SupervisionAssist helps university coordinators manage students’ training programs in behavioral health. With Uploadcare, they built a secure and HIPAA-compliant solution to handle sensitive and large training video files.

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Educate the world with Uploadcare.

Educate everywhere, with complete file management and media delivery that fits the needs of modern e-learning platforms.

Best-in-class file uploaderIntegrated cloud storage & APIImage optimization to next-gen formatsContent-aware image crop and resizeDelivery through a worldwide CDN
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10,000 operations / mo, 5 GB
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