AI tools for automated media processing

Object recognition
Object recognition
Tag images with detected objects.
Color recognition
Color recognition
Find dominant colors in images.
Smart blur
Smart blur
Detect and blur faces automatically.
Smart crop
Smart crop
Crop images to prominent objects.
Face detection
Face detection
Find areas containing faces in images.
Smart compression
Smart compression
Find the best file size-to-quality ratio without visible artifacts.

Turn any image into actionable data

"main_colors": [
  [246, 246, 246],
  [163, 216, 255],
  [252, 223, 223]
"recognition_info": {
  "Cat": 0.94234,
  "Clouds": 0.89521,
  "Birds": 0.85512,
  "Sky": 0.63008

Limitless automation possibilities

Content sorting
Extract metadata to organize content and let users search by objects and colors.
Content optimization
Find the best compression to quality ratio for every image automatically.
Content moderation
Create custom moderation workflows by checking user-uploaded images for certain objects.
Art direction
Ensure consistent image sizes and proportions with content-aware tools.
Privacy protection
Comply with privacy laws using automatic face blur.
We’ve got more than enough problems to solve in our own right, so we’re always looking for best-in-class, third-party solutions. With Uploadcare, we got what we wanted, and we didn’t have to build it.
David Fairfull,
CEO & co-founder
David Fairfull,
CEO & co-founder

Comes as part of a robust ecosystem

Bi-directional CDN
With 288,000 acceleration nodes under the hood, Uploadcare ensures 4X faster uploads and 8.9X faster delivery.
Powerful API
The friendly yet powerful API with extensive docs will ensure maximum workflow efficiency.
Advanced data security
Data encryption, access control, backups and more with the full support of Uploadcare engineers.
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