File uploading, storage, processing, and delivery — secure by design

We understand that security and privacy are vital when handling files and user data. While the default Uploadcare setup is secure by default, there are advanced features that give you even more control over your content.

Control uploads and access to the data

Secure uploading

Allow incoming traffic by authorized users only. A time-limited token is required along with the upload request.

Signed uploads

Virus checking

Enable malware checking for all uploaded files.

Malware Protection

Unsafe content detection

Detect and identify inappropriate, unwanted, NSFW, or offensive user-generated content in order to enhance user safety, ensure brand integrity, and comply with local and global regulations.

Unsafe content deteclion

Secure delivery

Create secure links with expiration that can be opened with a time-limited signature only, generated on a backend.

Signed URLs

Search engines indexing behavior

Restrict search engines to analyze and index content in your project for global search: image and text.

Search Engine Indexing

DDoS protection

Customers are automatically protected against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS).

Make it yours


Use your own domain for CDN links to your files stored with Uploadcare (e.g., instead of It avoids file delivery issues caused by an overzealous VPN/Firewall and hides Uploadcare name for end users.

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Custom OAuth

Ask your users to give permissions to your company, not Uploadcare, when they upload files from cloud sources. End users might not know about Uploadcare and it'll remove users' confusion.

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Custom Uploading CNAMEs

Upload and social CNAMEs can be used to replace the default upload and social API endpoints. It avoids file uploading problems behind an overzealous VPN/Firewall and hides Uploadcare name for end users.

Storage options

Uploadcare storage

You can keep files on our Uploadcare storage, back them up automatically to your S3 bucket or copy them to your S3 bucket on-demand.

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AWS S3 storage

We allow to upload files directly to your own AWS S3 storage.

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Built-in security & compliance

For purposes of keeping customer and end-user data safe and secure, Uploadcare is committed to complying with industry-standard privacy and security measures, as well as with all applicable data privacy and security laws and regulations.

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