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How to make a Drag-and-Drop file uploader

Explore how to create a DIY web-based Drag-and-Drop file uploader using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS and streamline the process with Uploadcare File Uploader.

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Introducing Uploadcare Operations-Based Billing

Explore Uploadcare’s new Operations-Based Billing model, simplifying pricing alignment with actual usage and offering transparency to customers, effective from May 15th, 2024.

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Uploadcare Joins Forces with Tiugo Technologies

Uploadcare has officially joined forces with Tiugo Technologies, a well-known PSG portfolio company

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HTTP/3 vs HTTP/2 vs HTTP/1.1: What You Need to Know

Compare HTTP/1.1, HTTP/2, and HTTP/3 to understand their impact on web performance. Learn about key features, pros, and cons to choose the right protocol for your website

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Surviving the Storm: How Uploadcare Navigates the HTTP/2 Vulnerability Behind Record-Breaking DDoS Attacks

Learn how Uploadcare fortifies its services against the recent HTTP/2 vulnerability behind record-breaking DDoS attacks. Secure, reliable file management

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Serverless signed uploads with Vercel and Uploadcare

Understanding the role of serverless functions in enhancing security for media file uploads

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Improving animated GIF performance with HTML5 video

Boost website performance by converting GIFs to videos. Learn why video outperforms GIFs and follow our guide to using FFmpeg and Uploadcare for converting.

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New in Uploadcare Dashboard: Files Panel, webhook orchestration, and Workspace

New Uploadcare Dashboard tools for handling files, configuring webhooks, and managing multiple projects.

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Filestack’s recent outage: how Uploadcare can help

Recent service interruption and support concerns emphasize the need for reliable file management solutions.

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How to upload files using JavaScript

Learn how to upload files with JavaScript. Implement multipart uploads, validate file type and size, develop file upload progress bar and drag-and-drop.

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How to extract colors from your images with Uploadcare

Learn how to extract colors from your images with Uploadcare. Make three simple steps

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How to upload files in Angular

A practical guide on building an Angular application to upload and process media. Latest trends in file management for professionals and best practices for beginners.

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How to upload files in React

In this article you will learn how to write a file-uploading logic in React

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Vitest: Blazing fast unit test framework

If you have heard of Vite, then you have probably heard of Vitest. In this article, let’s explore what Vitest is, how to use it and why it can be the next test framework for your apps.

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What is NaN in JavaScript?

Let’s find out how and when you can get NaN in JavaScript, and what it even is

in Engineering ReturnTrue, pt. 2

A useful function that does nothing

You may find this function in the most functional programming languages. But why?

in Engineering ReturnTrue, pt. 1

We asked ChatGPT how to use our service. Here is what AI answered

To be honest, we did not expect what we've get

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JavaScript import maps 101

What import maps are, what problems they solve, why it’s a cool JavaScript feature

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Service workers tutorial

Why you’d want to use service workers, what they are, how they work and what is the difference between service workers and other workers in the browser

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Creating responsive images with image-set

Using image-set for resolution switching, art direction and speeding up loading of web pages

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ECMAScript modules. Going beyond the ordinary

How to import non-JavaScript files in ESM without bundlers, loaders, and npm install the-whole-world

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A guide to Intersection Observer

Let’s see how to use Intersection Observer API to determine whether the DOM element somehow intersects with the viewport, or another element

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Fighting JPEG color banding

How to compress JPEG even more without losing in visual quality

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How DNS servers and resolvers work

The only thing left to understand is the way your computer finds out the IP it should use to send packets when you type a domain in your browser

in Engineering CDN Explained, pt. 5

Where are the borders in the Internet?

The story about the Border Gateway Protocol that works like duct tape for all computers in the world

in Engineering CDN Explained, pt. 4

Internet addressing

What does an IP packet look like? What are the purposes of IP addresses and subnet masks? What is CIDR and how does subnetting work?

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Monorepository and polyrepository. Part 2. Some thoughts on perfecting industry standards

In the previous article, we looked at monorepos and polyrepos, their pros, cons, and common applications. Now let’s see why none of these solutions is ideal

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Monorepository and polyrepository: two poor solutions to many unsolved problems. Part 1

Ready for a long trip into the world of software engineering problems and feel open to ideas that could evolve code-keeping practices everywhere?

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TCP & UDP, or the two pillars of the Internet

What is OSI? Is it different from TCP/IP? What are the commons and the differences between TCP and UDP?

in Engineering CDN Explained, pt. 2

Basics of the Internet

How to wire computers both reliable and optimal? What are ISP and IXP? How the internet signal gets from one continent to another? Is the satellite internet the future or not?

in Engineering CDN Explained, pt. 1

How to crop an image in CSS

The article describes all the possibilities to crop images that CSS provides in 2021. You no longer need hacks!

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JPEG quality loss: why it happens and how to manage it

Being a lossy format, JPEG strips bits of data from the image. Find out how to avoid excessive quality loss when editing already compressed images.

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Next.js image optimization techniques

Not so long ago, Next.js developers added an Image component to the framework which was aimed to replace the native HTML image and make it more performant and usable. In this post, I’ll describe performance optimization techniques which Next.js Image component brings to the table.

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Don’t get slowed down by DIY building a digital product. Integrate

When building a digital product, the choice between integrating a solution and DIY is often the choice between a rocket and a snail. Here’s why.

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Lazy loading in Webpack

Let’s explore the logic behind handy API

in Engineering Lazy Loading, pt. 2 (final)

React lazy loading 101

Why you should use React lazy loading, how it works and how to apply it to your app. Just Everything You Wanted to Know!

in Engineering Lazy Loading, pt. 1

File uploads with HTML

Learn how to upload files to a server with HTML! Code examples for upload buttons — just tweak for your project.

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Resize and rotate images using JavaScript

Learn to resize, rotate, zoom in and out images using JavaScript. Sample code included! Just copy, paste and tweak it!

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Get off the ground with Next.js

Everything you need to know to write your first Next.js app: from learning Next.js to different deployment options!

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Fundamental problems & open source dread of making a social media image resizer

In this article, you’ll find out how Uploadcare powered Pixelhunter, a free AI image resizer for social media

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Developing an HTML5 file uploader with a PHP back end

Read this hands-on guide on how to create an HTML5 file uploader and find out if you should use a ready-made one

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Different types of video file formats and why WebM and MP4 beat them all

Learn all the pros and cons of different types of video files and why WebM and MP4 are the top choices for 2021

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Cumulative Layout Shift — the key to a website’s visual stability

This article explains the non-trivial importance of CLS as a part of Core Web Vitals and gives advice on improving the metric

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 8 (final)

What is TBT (Total Blocking Time) in Lighthouse and why it matters

In this guide, you’ll learn what Total Blocking Time (TBT) is and how to improve your website responsiveness by reducing TBT

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 7

Fast import of Pillow images to NumPy / OpenCV arrays

This article will show a more effective way to convert images from Pillow to NumPy / Open CV with only two memory copies. Working code inside.

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Uploadcare customer support: a sneak peek into our processes

Read this post to find out how we maintain a customer-oriented service with only one customer support engineer on the team

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First Input Delay (FID): website interactivity and responsiveness

In this article, you’ll learn about the First Input Delay metric, and find out ways to optimize it on your website

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 6

How a solo founder launched a no-code marketplace in 2 months

Read this post to find out how a solo founder launched a CV assessment web service in two months without hiring a development team

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HIPAA-Compliant file sharing workflow: a checklist for SaaS

In this article, you’ll find the technical safeguards checklist explained and learn how your service can easily achieve HIPAA compliance

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What is TTI (Time To Interactive)? What does it say about your website?

Check out this Time to Interactive guide and find out how to identify performance bottlenecks and fix them

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 5

How to optimize images before uploading to WordPress

How to shrink, what to shrink and when to shrink if you’re striving to achieve the best page speed results for your WordPress website or blog

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Uploadcare is about to stop supporting Internet Explorer

In this post, you’ll learn what to do to get ready for the update, and what your options are if Internet Explorer support is crucial for your app

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6 proven techniques to load an image-heavy website faster

This article will introduce some of the most effective techniques to make your image-heavy website load faster and improve your overall web performance

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What is Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) and how to improve it

Find out why Largest Contentful Paint is a good indicator of a website’s performance, and how to improve your LCP

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 4

7 Reasons to Use CDN for Images

Read this post to explore 7 undeniable reasons why you should use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to manage your images

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How to name images for SEO step by step

One way you might not have thought of optimizing your website’s SEO is naming your images for SEO. If this sounds like you, you’re potentially missing out on a number of optimization opportunities.

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Vulnerability in HTML design: the script tag

This post highlights a fundamental vulnerability in HTML design that can eventually lead to website vulnerability. Read to learn more.

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What is the Lighthouse Speed Index and why should you care?

Read this article to find out what affects the Lighthouse Speed Index and discover five the most effective ways to improve it in no time

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 3

Lazy loading images

You will learn how to lazy load images, when to use lazy loading, the most efficient way to implement it, and why it’s a must in 2021

in Engineering

What is First Contentful Paint and how to improve it

In this article, you will learn technical details about First Contentful Paint and the ways you can control and improve it

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 2

What is Google Lighthouse and why you should use it

This article tells you about page speed performance and the important metrics Google Lighthouse can measure

in Engineering Google Lighthouse, pt. 1

Color recognition: extract dominant colors from any image automatically

The Color Recognition feature can automate a lot of your routine tasks. How? Read this post to find out about the most common use cases and try it yourself.

in Product

The what, why, and how of progressive JPEG

What is progressive JPEG, why is it important, and how can you convert your JPEGs to progressive? Find all the answers in this post.

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Uploadcare among 10 finalists of Kryptonite Startup Challenge 2020

We’re thrilled to announce that Uploadcare reaches the finals of Kryptonite Startup Challenge, a competition for technology startups

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Lossless image compression. Quality over page speed?

See how you can benefit from using lossless image compression and automation tools

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How to convert docs to PDF with Uploadcare and show them in a browser

Learn how to convert documents to PDF and use them in a browser

in Product

Face Blur: provide visual anonymity with just a few clicks

Uploadcare face blur app with built-in face detection allows you to blur faces in photos easily to protect the privacy of people throughout your website

in Product

Serverless file upload for Meteor applications

Learn how to add file upload capabilities to your Meteor.js app and automate upload, storage and delivery of images, videos and docs

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How to upload files from a Marketo form

Create easy-to-use upload forms on your Marketo landing pages with the ability to attach images, videos, PDFs, and any other files you need

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Uploadcare closed a potential security breach involving text/html files

In order to provide the most secure file handling, Uploadcare fixed potential security flaw that involved text/html user-generated uploads

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Enhance images on the fly: how to achieve better quality with less effort

Uploadcare’s online image enhancer automatically improves image exposure, colors, sharpness and overall image quality. Learn how it works.

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How to upload files to Jotform with Uploadcare in four easy steps

How to upload files to Jotform with Uploadcare File Uploader, explained in four easy steps

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How to upload files to Wix with Uploadcare step-by-step

Just a FEW Lines of Code! ➔Learn how to integrate Uploadcare File Uploader in Wix with HTML and let your users upload media and MUCH more.

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Meet smart crop by Uploadcare

Uploadcare Smart Crop uses AI to automatically crop your image so that only the important things remain. Learn how it works.

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Uploadcare Smart Resize: AI-powered image size adjustment without distortion

Uploadcare Smart Resize is an AI-based feature that can change image size automatically and without distortion. Learn how it works.

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Uploadcare becomes the second-prize winner of the largest global tech exhibition in China

Uploadcare became one of the three best tech startups at Nanjing Tech Week 2020 and won financial grants and consultations on entering the Chinese market

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Effective remote processes for companies: how we work and learn at Uploadcare

At Uploadcare, we’ve been working remotely since the beginning. This post shares everything we’ve learned about remote work and education through the years.

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How to upload files to WordPress with Uploadcare: a step-by-step guide

Uploadcare WordPress Upload plugin powers up your site with media and image uploads, cloud storage, CDN, and more

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Face & object recognition: teach your website to see through images

Learn how you can easily teach your website image identification, so it automatically tells you what is there in the picture

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A guide to secure file uploads: how to make your website bullet-proof

A list of best practices that help you secure your file upload service and prevent your website from the most common upload-related attacks

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What is an image CDN?

An Image CDN provides image optimization on the fly while enabling visual effects and filters. Let’s see how it works.

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Responsive images in WordPress

Boost your markup and publishing skills and master WordPress srcset and sizes tag parameters and explore PHP server code for responsive img

in Engineering

How to optimize eLearning content to meet high demand

A guide on how to optimize eLearning content during peak internet usage times. These technologies will help you deliver a smooth eLearning experience.

in Product

How Uploadcare built a stack that handles 500M file API requests per day

Upload API, REST API, and CDN API are the building blocks that helped Uploadcare to handle 500M file API requests per day. What else is in the stack?

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Quality of Experience: the ultimate stat of video content delivery

QoE is the ultimate stat for video content delivery. Learn how to keep it high and protect your online business from the threat of unexpected traffic surges.

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File uploader and its six speed up mechanics under the hood

In this article, you’ll learn what mechanics turn a file uploader into a rapid tool for easily handling uploaded files

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PHP file uploader for your website

Learn how to create a PHP uploader that’ll handle picture uploading using POST. Explore alternatives and use the Uploadcare API via PHP.

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How to accelerate web performance to improve customer experience

There’s a connection between web performance and business achievements. How to avoid losses due to low response time in 2020? Find the answer right here.

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How to accelerate image resizing without screwing up

In this blog post, you’ll learn about the mistakes you may come across while trying to speed up image resizing and how to avoid them

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AJAX file upload: the shortest script

Learn how to use AJAX to upload files faster. Dive into our step by step guide on how to create file uploader fast with minimum code.

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Uploadcare in the top 5% fastest growing SaaS companies 2020

Uploadcare is ranked #16 among the Fastest Growing SaaS Companies in terms of employee growth at GetLatka

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Image optimization: understanding the exact impact on Google’s performance score to rank higher

Uploadcare analyzed the world’s top 500 websites to find out how you can surpass your competitors. Here are the results.

in Engineering

How we built Uploadcare and made it cash-positive

Here’s a recap of an interview of Igor Debatur, Uploadcare CEO, by Indie Hackers about growing our product and the insights we gained on the way

in Culture

Getting GDPR compliant faster through Privacy Shield

This article shows you a shortcut to GDPR compliance by implementing Privacy Shield first. Pay attention if your company is registered in the US.

in Compliance

GDPR for SaaS in plain spoken English

This article walks you through the process of becoming a GDPR-compliant service provider if you’re a SaaS company

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The fastest production-ready image resize out there. Part 1. General optimizations

The true story of how Uploadcare engineers developed the fastest production-ready image resize engine out there

in Insights

Migrating to Uploadcare from Filestack

This article covers the six steps that will get you moved from Filestack to Uploadcare. You’ll need your Uploadcare API key and a list of files to migrate.

in Engineering

The fastest production-ready image resize. Part 0

Learn how Uploadcare engineers found out how to resize images on Intel processors faster than Intel itself

in Insights

Image resize in browsers is broken

If you’ve ever tried to downscale an image using a web browser, you’ve probably noticed that it looks like it’s been through a grinder. Here’s how to fix it!

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Uploadcare on social networks and cloud servers security

Uploadcare allows users to upload files from social networks and cloud services. Is it really safe? Find the answer in this article.

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How to get raw Google Analytics data using Keen IO

Eventually, everyone who has been happily using GA hits the same wall: there’s no way to get access to raw GA data. Here’s a workaround for this problem.

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How we use a Typeform and Intercom integration to nurture our most important leads

Several months ago we started to capture lead requests coming from our website. In this article, I’ll describe how we use Typeform and Intercom to automatically manage a bulk of enterprise, dedicated, and demo requests...

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Cloud file systems are the new black

Cloud file systems are a modern way to manage the entire media lifecycle for your website, from uploading a file to the time it’s perfectly displayed

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